In the heart of the desert, there was an oasis which provided sanctuary for neighboring nomads and caravan traders. It was situated atop a bluff that overlooked a wadi (temporary river) which flooded for about a month once a year (and sporadically thereafter). Over time, a small city developed around this oasis and its leaders discovered an aquifer beneath the surface. Employing slave labor, they channeled this aquifer into a series of underground tunnels for wells to be constructed throughout the city.

The City of Gasho is loosely modeled off the City of Halwa in the Al-Qadim sourcebooks. However, I figured a new name was in order given the significant deviations I will make from the "cannon".

Thus far, I have tried to create the plateau the city will sit on, the road leading to it, and the wadi (bottom of the map). I have also laid out a sketch of the outer wall of the city (still need to play around with the layer settings). Not sure if the city area actually looks like it is sitting on a plateau or just in the center of a ring of rocks...looking for some validation or suggestions for how to make it look more convincing.

I'm also terribly worried about scale. This is my first attempt at a big city and I'm still pretty new to photoshop. My image is 3150x2400 px and I'm not sure if that is large enough to get detail in the city itself. So if anyone has any insights, please share.

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