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    Wip Fantasy World - Continent Map - Feedback/Crits


    Here is a map I have been working on for a fantasy world I have created for a novel (or more) that I am busy writing (my true passion).

    Originally a handdrawn map, I have recently converted it using Photoshop CS2 (now free from Adobe) and it is scaled for 300 dpi A3.

    It represents a continent that is part of a larger world map including 3 other relatively similar size landmasses and 4 other 'smaller island' size areas. This landmass is central and slightly north of the equator with the uppermost coastal region in the west getting close to earth like Alaska in climate and the lower regions becoming more and more temperate and fertile.

    While I am relatively happy with the style, it still needs a lot of work and there are things I (as a beginner) already know I need to fix e.g.

    • more ragged coastline with small islands and isthmus's etc.

    • double check rivers and water sources for cities / towns etc.

    • better colouring for things like the colder north and greener lush regions

    • general beautification all around with shading and cosmetics.

    What I really would appreciate is feedback and comments from those of you who have already been through this process. It's a fantasy world so I am not overly concerned with plate tectonics and getting things 100% accurate for a geologist or climatologist but I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have in that regard. General impressions - does it look like a plausible world? Is it visually attractive, could it benefit from something else?

    Appreciate your time.


    ps. Yes, I do have names and locations but these are fluid and dictated by my writing so I have left them out for now...
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