Hey guys, just a DnD nerd from Mythweavers passing through. I need to design some town/geographical maps for my campaign (I have battlemaps covered with Dungeonographer). I have Cartographer from a really long time ago, but I messed up the UI terribly somehow and haven't found a way to reset it to default.

The point of this thread is I'm looking for opinions on what tools can design maps from scratch. A lot of programs I've seen like Map Tool and such seem to need already drawn maps which they then edit to suit their needs, but I've seen none that actually build a good looking map. Are you guys all artists that draw your own and then use stuff like photoshop to enhance skeleton maps? If there's something I'm missing, can you guys recommend any programs that I might be able to use?

Sorry for ignorance, I mean no offense. Just a noob looking for guidance here.