I know that the title of the thread looks like a Storyteller sheet, but is not

In my last map i got some experiences that just made me curious to know some about this. Like everything, experience counts more then everything.
Someone with talent for mapping can have nice ideas and imagine a cool work, but if he don't have some skill, probably will not have success doing the job. Believe that works the same in inverse telling. Skills are important to know wut and how to do, but if have no talent, probably the map will be sux.

But Experience, guess count much more thn everything. A experienced person, probably will take more time to do a maps if he don't have skills in certain software and tools, if he have no talent probly will burn the mind for more time till get a nice idea or something that he like. But guess, probably he cant do a AMAZING map, but never will do a sux map. Plus some skill and a bit of talent all maps will be nice.

i started with some maps few months ago, and sometimes i pass for moments that i can call "a blind moment". Lack of experience, i just cant see wut is wrong, and takes a lots of time and energy for me and for the folks trying to help and show me wut is wrong
In my journey, i guess i can count the experience time counting how many maps you did, since i believe that my last map is better thn the older. where come my question:

how many maps on average someone needs to move out from this "blind moment" for certain points like:

- Shapes
- Labels
- Colors
- Final work ( the last presentation)
- Rivers
- Icons (buildings, mountains, trees)
- Projections
I dont want to say that i am anxious to do amazing maps, it is just a curiosity about how many experience someone can get in certain time.