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    Wip WIP - edge of an empire

    So, I started posting this in my introduction thread herel, howeverI figure it's probably more appropriate in this forum.

    If you'd like to see the previous iterations of that map, you can find them behind the link. For now, I will stick the current iteration here.

    I'm currently trying to deal with the flatness of the lowlands - a problem that is manifesting with the "glued on" mountains look. Unfortunately, my photoshop file size has become seriously unwieldy - at over 200 megabytes while open, my machine is choking on it. I think that I've got an overabundance of effects layers going into play here and need to start condensing them in order to keep working with the file, so that the machine quits trying to recalculate the bazillion effects I have going into this. Since I'm fairly satisfied with the ocean as a set of layers, I think I'll start there, but I think that part of the problem with my current technique is that i'm using a LOT of layer masks, so a lot of the "effects" of the textural layers are hidden behind masks since I don't want to see them (rendered clouds, for breaking up pattern repeat, for instance.)

    any photoshop experts have thoughts?
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