Hi Everyone! This place is a dream come true! My boyfriend found this place, and he knows I am a huge map nerd, so he gave me the link! I owe him....

Anyways. I love maps. What more can I say? I have loved maps since I was little and learned how to read them. I'm in college right now studying Geography and GIS/Cartography so I can make maps for a living (hopefully). If that doesn't work, then Environmental Geography it is! Anytime I go to a book store, I am always buying atlases and any maps I can get my hands on to read, study, and some to put on my wall. Use to drive my mom mad when I would beg every time we went to a book store.

Well, I will not bore you with stories. Happy to be a member, admire all the maps on here, and maybe eventually place some of my own on here

Til then!