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    Praise Oakfall by Obliro


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Oakfall_by_Obliro-large.jpg 
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    Created in: Photoshop?

    As stunning as this piece is, it is made all the more impressive by the fact that this was only Obliro's second foray into fantasy cartography, and the only one that he has finished. Which means, effectively, that his first map here at the Guild warranted a Cartographers Choice award. We have great expectations for you Obliro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Obliro
    Hey guys,
    The map depicts a fantasy country called Oakfall, a religious-throwback monarchy with a shifty priest race, twin heirs to the throne and vassals with crumbly-loyalty. The setting is mostly low/dark fantasy, the priest race being the only non-human humanoid or sentient race (and they look almost exactly human). Surrounded by countries of more 'contemporary', uniform religion, Oakfall returned to a feral, chthonic form of faith guided by the Priests of Nogur. Under the blessing of their demon-god, the kingdom is abundant in wealth and peace, at least until the second heir is too qualified --too loved-- to be ignored, and wants more than he probably should.
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