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Thread: Need a series of maps for a fantasy world

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    Help Need a series of maps for a fantasy world

    I'm looking for someone who can make several maps in a homebrew fantasy world I'm using in some games I run and stories I'm tooling around with. Right now, I'm mainly looking for a "world" map (quotes because it's only a fraction of the entire world, but contains all the currently relevant regions). Eventually, I'll also want more specific regional and local maps, but I've got to have a world map first so that I've got a concrete geographic reference for everything else. I'd like to be able to step-by-step it with you if possible, instead of trying to describe everything all at once (especially since I'm not entirely sure where things are myself, thus the need for maps). We can nail down the coastlines/landmasses first, then rivers/mountains/forests, then the political stuff. Basically, the world map will be the edges of two continents and the ocean between them. About the same sizes/distances as the eastern US and western Europe, if Europe was at a similar latitude (i.e., further south). Between the two is a long chain of tiny islands; imagine the East Indies stretched across the Atlantic.

    I'm not too picky about style, something like you might find at the beginning of a book is fine with me ( http://diydilettante.files.wordpress...11/09/map3.gif ), although if you want to get more detailed/pretty with it, I'm fond of this look:

    Of course, I don't expect you to exactly copy either style, they're just references. Size of each map will probably vary, and you folks would know more about that sort of thing than me. I don't think we'll be dealing with a great level of detail at first, so something on the smallish side would probably be best. I've seen some truly gargantuan maps on here, but I don't need anything approaching that. My screen resolution is 1600 x 900, and I'd like to be able to view it all at once, so maybe 1000 x 750 would be a good ballpark, or even 800 x 600. If you'd like to make them really big to leave room for future details, I certainly won't mind. Ratios would change depending on the particular map. If you'd like to make them really big to leave room for future details, I certainly won't mind.

    As far as copyright stuff goes, I don't expect to make money off this, and I don't mind you using it non-commercially. If, by some stroke of divine luck, some opportunity for money-making presents itself (I write a novel set in this world, or something), I'd be happy to renegotiate then.

    Timeframe is fluid. I'd like the world map fairly soon, within a couple weeks or so, if possible. As for the others, we'll take them on a case-by-case basis. I hope this will be an ongoing project, as I've been working on this world off and on for about two and a half years, and there's a lot to map (and once I've got some maps, I'm sure more will spring from them).

    Now for the bit about pay. I can only budget so much for something that's a hobby, so I can only offer around $20 through PayPal per map. I'm happy to negotiate with you on that, though; if you're capable of really great work, I'll do my best to pay as much as I can.

    Thanks for taking the time to wade through all that. I'm happy to answer any questions in this thread, or via email if you prefer: tktater at, as I can't do the private message thing here just yet. Thanks again!

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    This has been taken. Huzzah!

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