So as I said, I'd be posting this WIP of a world I've been working on. In such a case, here it is. I'd like tips on it of course, as it's still early on.

In order of attachments:

World Map: A Full view of the world. There's a bit more to it, including having relocated that southern archipelago to the northwest area and expanding distances. These are just the continents though.

Lyria: Central seat of government for the northeast continent Greco-Roman in design, with current timeline being more akin to Holy Roman Empire

Attahla: Despite being so small, my personal favorite region. Arab and Indian based in design and feel.

Norrok: Northernmost Region based on a trifold of Nazi-Germany racism/propaganda, British comeupance, and Nordic culture/style. Think Skyrim, but more extreme.

These were all done in Photoshop for the most part. Actual maps were generated via Civ V's fractal map generator and then combined/played with to morph them a fair bit to what I wanted.

Like said, would love some tips or critique on stuff. Thanks~

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