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    Default Square miles in CC3

    Is there a way to determine square miles/kilometers in Campaign Cartographer? I wanna try to keep countries and whatnot "realistically" proportioned, as far as fantasy goes. Like, most medieval kingdoms weren't hundreds of thousands or millions of square miles in size, you know?
    Maybe someone more advanced could, like, eyeball these things, but I don't have that kind of experience.

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    Normally, the size of your drawing in pixels represents your scale in miles/kilometers/cubits, basically whatever you want. For example, if I create a 500x500 overland map, then my scale could be 500x500 miles (or kilometers), or some whole fraction of that (250x250) where a pixel represents 1/2 a unit. For a dungeon map, 500x500 pixels would represent 500x500 feet and a 10 foot square grid would simple be 10x10 pixels. Makes it easy.

    If you want to go REALLY large on your map, but keep the scale low...for example 2000x2000 pixel drawing, but representing only 100 miles across, I recommend using whole fractions to keep your math easy. Once you determine what a pixel represents in terms of distance, then set up a grid to help you keep proportions in check. In this situation, a 2000x2000 drawing representing a 100x100 mile map would have 20 pixels to a mile. Then, you could set up a grid, say 200x200 pixels which would represent a 10x10 mile grid. Hope this helps.
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    Ah, I see. That should be helpful. Thank you.

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