This will be the Lair of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Beekham had not considered just how old Trell the Sorcerer was when he won an apprenticeship with him. The first 6 months had passed as expected for a young mage apprentice, lots of drudge work, a little bit of magic. He was just reaching the point where Trell was starting to teach him some real magic when the worst possible thing happened. Trell went to bed and did not wake up. It was not fair that Trell died leaving Beekham so untrained. But that did not stop the young wizard. Now he had access to all of Trell's books and equipment. Beekham started to experiment, to teach himself. That's where things went bad. Beekham became obsessed, he lacked guidance and wisdom, and he tried any kind of magic he thought he could learn. It was bad enough when some of his experiments got loose, but when he started sacrificing people from the nearby village they decided they needed to get rid of him. The village hired a group of adventurers to rid them of this young sorcerer before he does more damage. The lair is a few miles out of town. They are given a key to unlock the main door by an old farmer who had been Trell's friend. Unfortunately neither he nor anyone else had ever been inside, so the layout of the lair is unknown.

I just started working on this map so this is just a rough beginning.

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