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Thread: Old Man Danvers' Farm (Hi, I'm new here!)

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    Wip Old Man Danvers' Farm (Hi, I'm new here!)

    Like many folks, I'm working up a 4th Edition game world. I've been working with Campaign Cartographer 3-- I'm sure you could tell.

    Anyhow, the hook is that when Old Man Danvers finally decided to clear out that ridiculously sized boulder on his farm, he found... stairs.

    I'm still learning CC3-- this is basically the second map I've done. I need to do some work to make the fields look like, well, fields instead of a large green blob of blob-- it might be smarter to pick up GIMP for that part instead of continue to search around in CC3. (That said, given what I've found so far, it seems if I dig far enough I can get CC3 to make breakfast for me...)

    Click to embiggen

    Detail on the farmhouse:

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