Hello everyone!

This map is actually a piece of the larger, world map I came up with first (because I needed climate zones). If you like, you can see the full world map here. To make this map, I basically copied and pasted a section of the world map into a new document. (If you're wondering, it's the easternmost continent's southern hemispherical section, the bit with the peninsula)

Scale is about 1224 km by 932 km

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As you can tell, it's really, really rough. So far I have the mountains, hills, and a few rivers figured out (i'll probably add more water bodies later). The varying shades of green denote what kind of climate it is... olive green is the mediterranean, dark green is forest (climate is apparently like Britain), darkest green is the coniferous forest... I'm 90% certain that as it's the taiga climate zone, it's not that green, but currently I just blocked out the climates. White, as you can probably infer, are the ice caps/tundra. To the other side of the mountains I have the coniferous forests (light green) and deciduous forests/grassland (darker olive green).

Now I've got two problems: Are these rivers realistic? I've been reading the tutorials, but I'm still not entirely sure.
What sort of climate can I expect as I go up the face of the mountains? Would it be mediterranean all the way, or would it change to coniferous forests? I'm stumped, but I'll keep looking around at resources.

Thanks for any tips and tricks you guys can offer!