I host a LARP taking place in a fictional version of the real city of Ocean Shores, WA. Recently, our game has gone through a setting change and we upped the scale of our city from pop. 5k to pop. 5 million, but still set in the same area.

I am looking for a modern, urban map in the style of online maps (such as Google, Mapquest, etc) of the city. I've included an image of the region; the city would be located around the bay.

Click image for larger version. 

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The map doesn't need to include any labeled places or specifics. I'm just looking for a basic urban layout, with industrial, commercial, residential areas marked. I'd like the file to be delivered as a layered file (from whatever program used), which I would add locations to myself.

I have a small budget I'm willing to spend, but would prefer to negotiate a price one-on-one. Please contact me at taylor_smith(at)live(dot)com; I haven't posted enough yet for PMs.

Usage and Rights
I will not use the map for monetary purposes and I ask that the artist also not use the map for monetary purposes. The setting will belong to me, but the map can belong to the artist and the artist may use it for personal, non-commercial uses.