I'm having some trouble when it comes to labeling my map. Basically, my confusion comes down to using 'city/town icons' vs. 'castle icons'.
Like, in situations where a settlement is either around a castle/fort, or else they're close enough that they'd occupy roughly the same spot on the map. For example, I wanna put down your typical castle-town somewhere. Or say it's a sizable city instead, perhaps the capital or a trade hub, and the ruler's castle is on a nearbye hill overlooking the city.
I guess maybe with the castle-towns, a 'castle icon' would be more appropiate? But what about larger settlements? If I use a 'city icon', how would I indicate that there's also an adjacent fortification without trying to smush the two icons next to each other?

On a related note, just how common were "urban" castles, those near or within settlements?