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    First of all, let me just say 'wow.' I've looked through several of the maps here and am in awe of some of the skill on display.

    I'm looking for a world map for a fantasy campaign (Pathfinder alternate world) I'm planning on running in about a year (following the completion of the current campaign). The idea is to make it fairly open world, and basically the plot is entirely dependent on what the PCs want to do.

    The world itself (tentatively titled Tandria) is flat (as opposed to vaguely spherical) with notable terrain elements. I'm looking for 2-4 continents, some with noted terrain features and some I have very little idea on other than a couple of vague concepts. The world itself has clearly defined (if erratic) edges and floats above a sort of mystical void (stars behind it are very appropriate). There are about a dozen key nations in my head, but the details aren't very fleshed out yet.

    I'm looking at about a year before I need the map, which I want either to look like a medieval master mapmaker's hand-drawn masterwork (shades of browns on parchment-style paper, maybe with a little bit of aging) or like a painted overhead map, and one of each would be ideal. I'd like it to fit an A2 or A3 page at 100+ dpi.

    As far as pay is concerned, I'm not sure how much I can offer. I can definitely supply $10-20 via paypal on completion (which I know is a pittance for what I'm asking) and can possibly find a way to offer more. Email me at m4dn3zz--at--gmail(dot)com to discuss further details. The artist will retain copyright over the map itself, minus most of the location names (many of which I'll be borrowing from other literature). I just want unlimited non-commercial use of the versions labeled with my locations and any unlabeled versions. The artist would be free to distribute any unlabeled or otherwise labeled versions both commercially and non-commercially as they see fit.

    This might lead to some future requests for smaller (regional and/or city) maps, depending on my resources and your availability.

    Thank you for your time.
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