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    I don't have anything to show just yet but I'll post the source image I am working from. It's not a big town but there is a lot of stuff missing from the original that I shall add. There will also be some slight "retconning" so that it makes more sense. The climate is somewhat greenlandish. I may incorporate other elements into the map. I did consider making an isometric map, but I want to stay close to the original.

    Port Kullen is a town map from 2004. It was part of an old RP campaign set in my main world where all my stories and things take place.

    The settlement is a colony - but the atmosphere is more like the viking colonies of Vinland rather than later colonies such as Jamestown. It's a joint enterprise between some nobles and a merchant house trying to exploit the local mineral wealth. There are natives too but they aren't native american inspired. They are something else. There are also a few supernatural horrors too.
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