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    Default I need help bad

    Is there a Dummies Guide to Gimp and/or Cartography because I could really use it right about now. I haven't been able to get thru one tutorial either because of the tutorial being to old or I am missing something. pls help me

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    Well, don't feel too bad. I don't think I ever got through any major tutorials either. I did manage a couple of the small ones, like how to create a border..
    Just don't give up. If you post up something the the WIP threads there are usually some folks who will be able to help you out based on what you are getting as results. Especially if you can point out what you are attempting but not getting.

    I just kept beating on the stuff until I got close enough to what I wanted to see. Along the way I figured out how a lot of things worked but it was sometimes depressing when I couldn't get what I wanted to come out.

    edit: Hey Tempe, sweet, we are practically neighbors!
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