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Thread: Commission for a fantasy map, hand-drawn, uncoloured

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    Post Commission for a fantasy map, hand-drawn, uncoloured

    (@staff: I took the freedom to add the faux prefix in order to hint at the nature of this commission.)

    Hey everyone,

    I'd like to commission a map for a non-commercial fantasy roleplaying game project. Originally my fellows and me had intended to turn it into something bigger (i.e. commercial) but a death in the team sounded the knell for the project as well. Yet still we mean to finish a single issue in loving memory of the perished team member and to be able to say "we've made it" in a manner of speaking. The RPG is based on a high fantasy tale called 'Those who wish ill' written by that person and features a variety of traditional fantasy themes in a new environment. It functions as the game's "bible" and rule book and the map to be created will serve as an illustration on its second page.


    - a fantasy world in the style of Middle Earth, Westeros or Aventuria.

    What I had in my mind's eye before posting:

    - (this is only to illustrate the following guidelines and to help out where my English might fail me)

    Concept and execution guidelines: (soon I will upload a schematic grid which has served as our map so far)

    - to be delivered as a .png or better yet as a consistently layer supporting file type: a largely symbol-based hand-drawn world map showing two continents connected by a strip of volcanic marshlands and surrounded by oceans. The northern continent ends in uncharted territory accessible by pack-ice. The map needs to display high mountain ranges, uplands, lowlands, forests, rivers, some major cities/ points of interest (a common symbol shall suffice), two sorts of streets (permanent and semi-permanent) and of course a graphical distinction between land and sea as well as a compass rose. Further ornaments are not asked for unless the cartographer makes an offer too tempting to refuse.
    - important: the same goes for the labelling. We have a copyrighted font here which we'd like to use and also we'd require a country-specific character set perhaps not available to just about everyone (letters like Ðð etc.) so the cartographer would have to consider in their work a labelling done only afterwards (unless that happens to be their standard way of working anyway, of course). If you're still interested in doing the labelling I'm sure we can figure something out.


    - at least 300 dpi @ at a resolution of 2200 x 2800 (w x h)
    - no colouring required
    - exact scale preservation is not required; distances are measured in day's walks.
    - .png or consistently layer supporting file type (→labelling)


    - remains with the cartographer
    - no commercial publication intended


    - negotiable, this fall at least


    - negotiable and depending on quality and working hours spent
    - upon delivery is preferred
    - direct wire transfer is explicitely preferred

    Respond here if you're interested and thanks for your time
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