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    Wip WIP/Just messing around - Ergoth

    I thought I'd post my first efforts. Now that I'm (slowly) getting the hang of CC3, I thought I'd share and ask some general questions. This is a map of the main game region in a world I'm creating to playtest an RPG system I'm developing. The brief context is: Dungeon running is a major sport in this world, a la gladiatorial games. If anyone's ever played X-Crawl, it was what gave me the idea for the playtest world because it's awesome. Anyway, Dungeontown is the heart of the dungeon running sport, so it's almost like a fantasy version of Las Vegas. Which makes the kingdom of Ergoth a very powerful and influential kingdom.

    So here is my rambling with a question hidden inside.... While I do like the colorful, more digital isometric maps which seems to be the dominant defaut style of CC3, I'm very very fond of a more hand-drawn look. I love mercator maps, and I really like Sarah Wroot, Pete Fenlon, and Andy Law (Big WFRP player here). That said, what I'd like to do is become familiar with various styles and be able to do maps in the style that best works for the world I'm creating. The Dungeontown world is a very silly sword-and-sorcery feel. I started it on a lark, and while I'm putting real effort and an attempt at realism into designing it, the roots are still silly and tongue-in-cheek, yet with an internal consistancy and realism. This might actually turn into more than just a playtest world, so I'm taking it a little seriously.

    So what would be a good style for such a world? Something like what I've got? More to scale? Less to scale? More hand-drawn? I guess the other side to the questions is that I want to create something that looks like it might have come from that world, and that's something that really only I can figure out. But any and all suggestions are helpful. The long and short of it is, I have no head for this sort of thing, and it's hard for me to visualize. Right now I'm just using the tools and plopping down colors, lines and symbols, like playing with colorforms. And I'm having a blast doing it, and it's helping me figure out what the world looks like and how it's laid out, but I don't know if this is what I ultimately want it to look like artistically.

    If all that made sense...

    Anyway, attached is the current version of the map. It's not terribly to scale, but the size of Ergoth is more or less right. The valley that holds Dungeontown is really only a mile or two wide and maybe half a mile across. And not as deep into the mountains.

    Thanks in advance.

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