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Thread: Cunabula - the World of Whack & Slaughter

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    Wip Cunabula - the World of Whack & Slaughter

    So .. yeah .. this is my first time trying to create a map using something else but pencils (read: a digital map)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	world_of_whack_and_slaughter - cunabula.jpg 
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    This world is for my own skirmish system Whack & Slaughter and is called "Cunabula" - the Latin word for home or cradle ..
    It's a small world with the Nordland (left, top) having roughly the size of Italy.
    The geography is looking as intended: It's a fantasy world created by a shizophrenic deity (just don't ask the followers about the shizophrenia: they still do believe, the deity has got full control over his two faces ..), so do not try to apply any kind of logic here ..

    Tools used:
    - arsheesh's Tutorials
    - Gimp
    - Wilbur
    - Powerpoint (for the text stuff, the emblems and the capital-icons)

    Stuff I'm not satisfied with, yet:
    Though the "Nordland" is home to a gothic/germanic warrior tribe, I'd like to mix in different cultures as well. I know two more languages: Italian and French - neither sounds agressive enough for this world. I'm lacking enough knowledge of other languages to make up nice names for stuff like Forests, cities and so on ..
    Any ideas anyone?

    Critic of any kind is always welcome

    Thanks for reading / watching,
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    Looks cool. I still can't help but picture Pikachu fleeing an angry seahorse, but it looks really nice. Your mountains came out looking really nice and I like your legend. I like anything with heraldry. Keep it up!

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    Texture work is great. And I was going to comment on the geology, then I saw the explanation, so I guess that's cool too The font you are using is pretty nice, but I have to say it becomes really hard to read with the outline. Works fine without it though, as in the city labels and some others, so I'd say drop the outline on those that have it. And maybe use something else on the text in the cartouche? It's not that suitable for long paragraphs, I think.

    I'd also try and see what it looks like with the cartouche as a very tall, thin block to the right of the map, and the compass rose in between the continents instead. I think the cartouche is splitting the map in half right now, sort of…

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    That turned out very nicely schattentanz, though I had several of the same concerns that Lingon did. If you don't wish to add a blank ocean to either side of the continents in which to fit the cartouche in you could always build it directly into the border. Otherwise great job.


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