Hi to everyone,

Me and a friend are in the thick of game design and have reached a point where aesthetic properties are now required, as we do not have a talented artistic bone in our body! We are looking to outsource what will amount to all of the 2d cartography images for the game. As such there will be ongoing work for the cartographer if he/she so desires and is adequately suited for the job.

Initially we are looking for a an overland continental map with all the corresponding civilizations artistically represented.
Obviously we will provide you with rudimentary drawings and text explaining the feel of the civilizations and specifics that may be required.

As this is very much so a passion project all the payable sums will be modest (I'd be happy to pay $100 US for the right map).
Once the map has been purchased, 100% of the ownership will be transferred to me and I am free to use it any way private or commercial as I see fit.

If you are interested please feel free to send me (Joe) an e-mail @ fantasytournament@gmail.com

Look forward to hearing from you