Hello Guildies,

After having finally decided to finish a map I start (something I am yet to do) I figured this would be a good place to keep a journal/record of my progress. Wasn't really sure which section to place this in as it will be a combination region/city map (or maybe two maps). There is no time limit on this though I do plan on finishing it. That's the main point of starting it.

Anyway, I wanted to move away from the regular world maps I mess with and decided to focus on a smaller region with a rather unique terrain (in terms of scale). After some brain storming I came up with the idea of a giant canyon or valley set within a very large high altitude stony desert (2500m). Flowing down the centre of the valley would be a large river with an average width of 2km. Flowing from the tributary canyons and valleys would be smaller rivers and streams. Finally, a large empire/kingdom would stretch down the valley. I have yet to decide if the states/provinces will be able to span from valley wall to valley wall (across the river) or if they will be limited to one side of the river (by imperial/royal decree).

Here's what I've done so far;

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Name:	The Great Valley 001.png 
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Name:	The Great Valley 200b.jpg 
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Colours aren't final and there is still a lot to do. Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.