I need a map for my home game. I have a few minor requirements. I need it to be on a hex grid, 25 mile hexes. I need it to be designed believably about 2000 miles tall by about 1700 long. Each region should be somewhere near 70,000 square miles. I need a northern area which is either an island or part of the connected continent but with a sea between it and the rest of the continent, it should be mountainous and cold. The should be a region on the shore south of that. bordering that region need to be a lightly forested region and a region with about 1/3 swampland. There should also be mountainous areas and a large forest realm nearby, as well as scattered forests through out the continent. In the south there needs to be a region that borders a lot of water and has a good position to trade with the other cultures. Maybe it is an island or boarders a sea. In the far south there needs to be a jungle region with a lost world feel, as well as a region that could reasonably made to fit a Moorish setting.

Other than the proscribed regions I stated before this the rest of the territory can be filled with any terrain the artist sees fit and I would appreciate it so much.

I know that is a lot of stipulations, but I have the campaign written and just need the map and as its a bit of a Conquest style storyline the map regions are needed. I would normally offer this to be a paid map but as the holidays are upon us cash is tight. However if I can get this finished soon I may reward the artist with a good tip after the holidays are over.

Contact me at Sir_artor@hotmail.com if interested. I appreciate the help greatly.