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So, I've been working on this map for over a year. Well okay not this particular map. I've been trying to map this particular city for over a year. I'm getting closer, but still it lacks.. well what I envision in my head. I've forgotten a graveyard or two, and any mills or anything "industrial". This map is an area of 1.9 miles on a side. The river is way too small. The delta is.. its sad. I hate the way it looks.

What I did here is run the RPG City map maker several times, generating towns, and one large city. I then turned and twisted and cropped them until I got a "towns grown together" kind of effect. My trees are the clumps, the individual ones are from the generator.

The terrain is adapted from a regional mapping tutorial, just with lower detail settings on the cloud filters. I plan to break this down in to district maps, and I'll likely use the symbols from the Vyntri project, RPG Mapshare and the Dundjinni forums. Great stuff there. This is all being used in the Roll20 VTT.

Any advice and critique is totally welcome. I'm wondering should I increase the scale of the map? Like double the area and leave the city the same to get the terrain right....