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    Post Map for a fantasy novel :)

    Hi there, Cartographers!

    My name is Vidar and I’m a Norwegian RPG developer and aspiring fiction writer.

    I would like to commission a map for the novel I am currently writing. The book is a murder mystery set in a European Bronze Age analogy setting, and the map would cover an area analogous to the Mediterranean Ocean (although divided into two smaller seas rather than one big ocean).

    I have a hand drawn sketch that I add to as the need arise, but the artist doing the actual map will have great freedom towards style, look, and geographical details. My basic idea is a simple b/w drawing that will fit onto one page of a paperback copy of my novel, or perhaps stretching across two pages (although I do not like it when details are lost in the fold between pages). The map should at least strive for realism (geographically knowledgeable artists prefered). Everything is negotiable.

    Quality: Professional/semi-professional (a sample map or portfolio would be good).
    Deadline: None as of yet. My current plan is to send the manuscript off to the publishers late this year, so there is lots of time before the artwork needs to be completed.
    Copyright: Negotiable. I would like copyright for the map. If so, the artist would retain the right to use the map for his/her portfolio and other non-commercial purposes, as well as for commercial purposes agreed upon in writing (which I would give easily). The map would also likely form the basis of future maps (accommodating geographic expansions, different styles, in-setting developments, etc.), by either the original artist or other talents brought in later. Alternatively, I would agree to grant the artist the copyright in return for full use of the map for commercial and advertisement purposes (in any media).
    Payment: Negotiable. Would $60 for a small one-page pocket book b/w or grayscale map be fair? Later color versions in a more ambitious style would of course fetch much more. But yes, payment is negotiable.

    At a later point, I will likely request further versions of the map for webpage banners, posters, and other purposes. This version would be in greater detail, in full color, and possibly also in a more striking style (perhaps done in imitation of ancient map-making styles?).

    Furthermore, I might also commission two additional simple b/w maps for the novel, one for the local region and one for the city where most of the story takes place, preferably by the same artist.

    In other words, future commissions for the same artist are very likely indeed.

    I am looking for a talented artist who is easy to work with. If you are interested, please send me a PM or ask questions here in this thread.

    Best wishes,
    Vidar Edland

    PS: I have yet to contact a publisher about this project, and it is possible that the future publisher of my novel will want to have their say on the matter. Copyright might have to be sold off to the publisher at some point. If, for whatever reason, the map would not find its way into my book, I shall find other uses for it. The artist will of course be paid for the work nonetheless (assuming payment is negotiated).
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