I've been thinking about a world… I've actually had it in mind for a long time, and I made an early draft for a map about a year ago, but for no special reason I decided to pick it up again, scratch everything and only keep the most fundamental part of the setting. It's a world that suddenly, without any clear reason, became tidally locked to its star. I have more details, some characters and the start of some kind of plot, but they are very fuzzy… Anyway, I'd like to write a novel about it, but I'm in the middle of another writing project, so I think I'll make a map first

Here's a rough draft. Black is coastlines, dark grey is mountain ridges, light grey is rivers, the orange blob is the dayside and the blue blob is the nightside. I sketched the shapes by hand and then traced them in illustrator, because G.Projector does weird things to pencil lines… The first one is in the Robinson projection to give an idea what the world looks like. The second is the one I think I'll continue working with, in Equirectangular Oblique to make the inhabitable twilight band around the planet a straight line. I cropped away the extremely distorted (and rather irrelevant, frozen and burnt) top and bottom.
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What do you think about the Oblique one, is it a good choice? It gives a very unusual height:width ratio, which I rather like… but it makes it very hard to grasp the shape of the continent. As always I'll paint the map by hand, so when I've decided on a projection I'll print it and trace it on watercolor paper. That's why the mountains and rivers are so simple, and why I'll remove the color blobs first – must save printer ink…