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    Default Where should I start?

    Hi! I'm Alex and I'm completely new to Cartography. I've always had an interest in maps and very often I've scribbled down a few of my own. Recently however, I decided I'd like to take my interest a little further.

    I have to say, I'm absolutely amazed by the maps I've seen here so far. Evidently, there are some very skilled cartographers on this site.

    My question is: Where should I start? I've got dozens of pen-drawn maps around the house but I'd really like to pick up a few skills and make my maps a bit better. My dream would be one day, to create a map like the ones on the front page of this site.

    What parts of maps would you suggest to practice? What software would you recommend? etc, etc.

    Thanks very much! I'm loving it here so far.

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    Welcome to the Guild Alex. A good place to start is the tutorial forum.

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    Glad to be here

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    Welcome to the Guild Alex! Bogie's right, the best place to begin is by delving into the tutorials here. Decide whether you wish to continue with traditional media or make the move to digital or do a combination of both. There are tutorials that discuss techniques for all of these methods. Then just practice the methods discussed, and create an inspiration folder to keep track of some of your favorite pieces from other artists. Study these. Keep practicing, and with time your skill will grow. Welcome to the fun!


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