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    Default Challenge... sort of.

    Hey there cartographers,

    So I have a challenge I want to put to any and all takers and I will even give a prize for the best one of the bunch (maybe even 2 prizes, yeah first and 2nd!)

    But before I present the challenge let me explain why.

    I am a writer and every time I start making a map, I notice that my prejudices of story, placement of societies, etc... start having an effect on the geography as I do it and everything winds up looking samey.

    Run on sentence much?

    So I got to thinking and here's where I got.

    I have a continental lay out of a world. Let's say the size of Europe and Asia roughly, maybe a bit smaller, I dunno.

    I ONLY have the shorelines done and I have no idea what goes inside it.

    So the challenge/contest is this;

    Take what I have and fill it up! Add lakes, mountains, hills, deserts, wastlands, swamps, rivers, etc... Let your imagination flow and your creativity be your guide!

    The one that I like the most I will then populate with places, people and things, without having the land conform to my writer's mind, but vice-versa.

    Of course I will make this a Creative Commons map so anyone and everyone can use it as they see fit.


    Well how about the prizes first right?

    On a ship right now, from China, are coming 500 copies of the first issue of my comics HEROIC. There will never be another print run of this cover/edition, so it is limited edition.

    I will give a copy (shipping included anywhere in the world) to the winner of this contest.

    2nd place will get a free digital copy and I dunno, I'll come up with SOMETHING for 3rd place if there needs to be.

    Sound good?

    You can learn more about Heroic here, Zenith Comics here or here.

    If you are interested I look forward to what you do. Any style, and technique, etc... Be creative

    If you want a HIGH RES PSD of the land mass, just go right here!

    Oh and I guess I have to have a deadline, so let's say? October 1st? 2014?

    If that is too short a time let me know and I will adjust it.

    I hope I haven't offended anyone or broken any rules with this challenge/contest idea, if I have I apologize.

    Ladies & Gentlemen! Start your ... um.... brushes?

    I got nothing there lol!
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