Hi All,

I'm looking for a mapping software to aid with a campaign I'm running via play-by-post-online. I am by no means an artist (Photoshop gives me headaches), so I need something easy to use. Preferably, I would like a software version of using Dungeon Tiles. For example, I'd like to be given a number of large pre-built images (one 6x3 square image that is an entire pre-made kitchen, a 1x2 doorway, a single image that is an entire hallway, etc) that all I have to do is drop and arrange them in the order I need.

I've looked around and the free software I've seen is similar to this, but is mostly editing individual squares ... where you draw the size of the room with wall tool, then edit the individual squares within with floor squares, then add objects on top, etc. That's easy ... but I want easier (i.e. literally like grabbing and dropping entire pre-made rooms).

I also need to be able to export whatever is made in jpg or similar format, and needs to be able to show a grid for use with minatures play.

I'm willing to pay, and almost purchased CC3, but do not want to invest money in a program only to feel like it's "over my head" and get frustrated by it. Too bad CC3 doesn't have a demo...

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!