This is the first map I've made in photoshop that hasn't involved following a tutorial. I've spent the past week or so doing lots of tutorials in order to get to grips with photoshop and I think it's starting to pay off a bit.

Anyway, there's lots of problems. The actual map design isn't the most geologically accurate, but that can't change at this point in time. This particular little nation has too much history now that I can't really retcon anything really. I did the original map for this nation about 7 years ago. =P

Also, no actual markings or anything at the moment. Still trying to get the land right.

I'm not happy with the mountains, but mountains are so difficult! Also, the sea and the outline didn't come out so well.
The forests, I don't mind so much, though I used the texturizer (and a forest texture) to make them and gave them an outer glow. If anyone has suggestions on how to make them better, I'd appreciate it.

Comments welcome.