Here is about as done as my RPG universe map will get. I've already printed this map on 9 pages (3x3 tileable) so now I can safely store my large newsprint map it is somewhat based off.

The scale used on the map is not absolute, but it is relative to the locations.

Here's how it breaks down...

The universe is divided into large clusters of galaxies (called superstrings in the game) much the same way star systems are composed of bodies, and galaxies composed of many star systems.

However, intergalactic travel is fairly common but travel between superstrings is exceptionally rare and very cost prohibitive in both resources and time.

Now that some of the background is out of the way, here is the map exported as a gif image to where the system text is just readable.

GIF image | 2200x1600 | 43.42 KB (44467 bytes)
Created with CC2 using Cosmographer Symbols

The data on the systems is located in a different post here on Cartographers Guild, but here it is for the lazy. :p

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