Howdy. I have a few CC3 questions:

I have CC2 Pro and the Tome of Ultimate Mapping. I barely know how to use CC2 and am thinking of upgrading to CC3 and diving in. My main uses in 2009 will be mapping:

* The fantasy world I'm making
* Buildings
* Small outdoor regions (25 sq mi down to 1 sq mi)
* Outdoor encounter areas
* Fantasy planes and weird areas
* Small planar regions and encounter areas
* Making smaller maps of Ptolus neighbourhoods for my D&D campaign

Here are my questions:

* Does the Tome help with CC3? Should I maybe learn CC2 with it first then upgrade to CC3? Or are there better tutorials out there for CC3 and I can just upgrade, throw away the Tome, and start learning.

* Is Fractal Terrains a valuable add-on for what I want to map this year?

* What about City Designer, and the Fantasy Symbol Set?

* Any other add-ons I should consider?

Thanks for the help!