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    Map Bretoria - by pasis

    Map (Click to enlarge)

    Created in: Photoshop CS3


    The Guild has watched agog at pasis's map taking shape. The huge scale of this endevour is the result of months of hard work. In pasis's words:

    "My intention ... is to add some bits and pieces to make it more realistic. The tricky part is to add the details without compromising the high level look. The aim for all terrain textures is to make them look a lot like hand drawn."

    In this, pasis has succeeded superbly. To appreciate the level of detail and thought that has gone into the map, you will need to go to the finished map thread below where the map has been split into two images to maximise the resolution. As will be seen from pasis's WIP thread, the journey to creating this map was not easy and there were lots of technical and artistic challenges to surmount before he was satisfied with the map's final look and feel which is of the highest standard. pasis's perfectionism has paid off handomely in this regard and we congratulate him on an astonishing work of artistic consistency and incredible detail.

    pasis says that he will be using this map as a basis to run an rpg with his gaming group. They are in for a huge treat!

    Original WIP Thread
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    Original final post thread
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