Hi and thanks for reading and hopefully replying.

I have been using PS since it came out and never encountered this problem untill now when I participated in my first map challange. I am sure there is a simple solution for it, just something I never grasped about layers...hmmm.

Here is the problem: I have 6 layers and all have different blending options. Now, when I flatten the image or save as .jpg or something else, it somehow discardes all but one blending option, giving the flattened pic a different look (that of just one blending option)....strange.

Well, it never occured to me before as I usually never had to work with more than 2 layers...lol.

I overcame the problem for now by making partial screenshots and put them back together (how silly).

Anyway, I am sure I am doing something wrong, but what?

Thanks for any help.