Ok, this is my first real post here so excuse me if I get something wrong with attachments etc.

The following image is what I have achieved so far with a map of Southern Vaniya, a continent in a world I conceived many years ago and based in which I am trying to write a novel. I came to a stop with the story due to me not having enough information to visualise what I needed (I lost my original paper map some years ago and my half-remembered snatches are as much as a hindrance as a help). So I decided I needed a proper map where I can refer to distances and land marks and after some searching came here and a great help it's been.

I'll dig out the references to the tutorials I have used in a while and edit them in.

The current state of the map is still basically just a large test map. It has most of the coastal shape that I want but needs cleaning up in places, small lakes removing etc. I added a few rivers midway but they were for testing purposes - I found them to be laborious in the extreme and I'm not looking forward to adding a shedload more. And the mountains are a work in progress too, I've tried quite a few techniques so far to get a style I like and I actually think the one I have used on this image is the best for me (so far), but it needs practice.

Anyway, here's what I have so far. Comments and helpful criticism would be gratefully accepted.

Click image for larger version. 

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