Somebody mentioned this to me in another thread, but I wanted to get some more information if possible. In my Fractal Terrains creations, each one invariably has this single line, maybe just a pixel or two, running vertically down the length of the world from pole to pole. The editing tools actually sort of "bottom out" at this edge-if I hover a tool there, the round brush defaults to a half-circle instead. There's no way to edit what happens at this edge, and in my current world, what happened there is a massively deep ditch that filled with water, attracted all the rivers in the region, and seems to be the point from which all my horizontal-river oddities extend.

I partially solved the problem with some global tools, but specific ones didn't work. I'm ignoring the place as I'm tracing my FT file anyway but is there a trick or two for managing this latitude of weirdness?