Just saying hi. I'm not sure if I'll post much here or not, I mostly joined to view the forums and tutorials and such. I have to say I'm impressed with many of you here. Some of these maps are great, you are cartographers in every sense of the word.

I love making maps for role playing games, but lately they just take too much time for me and often are used once for a combat encounter and then never seen again. That's hard to justify the time spent. When I do make maps, I use photoshop almost exclusively. Lately, I've moved away from realistic texture type maps toward cartoony or hand-drawn types.

Any of you figure out how to map a cave properly? I have a map of Wind Cave and they use colors to depict depth and the whole thing is spidery and complex. Caves are very 3D, with tunnels leading up down and all around, under each other, over each other and all that. I've found that difficult to map well.

Anyway, I'm here to brows around and maybe post a few maps. Nice to find this forum.