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    Wip The City of Opal Island

    Over in the World Maps thread I have been posting several maps from my Homebrew Campaign. In the feedback some of you have requested to see some of my other maps.

    This is a map I have been working on for quite some time, and is one of my more aggressive projects to date. This was all done in photoshop with some help from a couple of other programs. Some of the textures I borrowed here and there - but I don't remember where exactly.

    As always - C&C are greatly welcomed.

    I don't know that I will post too many of my other city maps as many of them are not wholly my creations. Typically what I used to be prone to doing was to take an already existing map from somewhere else, and tweak it and modify it to fit my purposes. Mind you, all of my maps only ever see the light of day for my gaming table typically - its not like I am making money at this or anything. Other times, I just finds maps that suit my purposes and do nothing; for instance, Gandwarf has unknowingly supplied innumerable maps of various cities and settlements for my DnD game.

    Anywho - anything I do that is wholly original or at least 99% so I will post for your enjoyment. I don't believe in taking credit for other peoples' labor.
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