If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I've gone through the manual a few times now and there is not much in there as far as inserting images and how to work with them.

I clicked the Draw>Insert File> Unchecked the 'Embed in Drawing' option and then placed the rough draft of the map I am going to create. The .bmp of the map contains the mountain range/forest area, river flow, and city/town placement.

I trace over the land and place. But I am confused as how to hide the land area I just put down to see the .bmp image behind so I can properly place the mountain/forests, rivers and populations areas. I've tried hiding different sheet/layers in combination and the .bmp drawing disappears.

Do I create a separate sheet/layer specifically for the un-embedded inserted image so that I can always see it? If so, how?

Your help is appreciated! Thank you!

~Valtharius the Mad