...I'm a man of wealth and taste

Oh waitaminute, that was the guy with horns and a tail. I'm poor and don't taste very good.

Hello, Publius here. Thought I would introduce myself to the boards. Cartography is a hobby that I have only recently picked up. I am self-trained, began with MSPaint of all things, then a few other programs and finally picked up Illustrator and ran with it. Of course I have not really cracked any books on the program, preferring to button-monkey my way through things. I played around for a while, designed ships and the like for my games. Trek (Deckplans for the Nova Class, a few stations), some modular designs and that sort of thing. My personal style for maps is a bit spare by comparison with the beautiful artwork that many of you are doing here. I generally like using simple outlines, something that can be printed out in a hurry without killing a cartridge of ink or toner.

I play a wide variety of tabletop RPGs (no d20) with an emphasis on whatever I can con my group into playing which is currently Serenity. In a month, year or less that could change however, and I am happy in a wide variety of settings as long as the roleplaying is done well. I am an avid Amber Diceless player as well, but I usually only get to play once a year (other players permitting).

I have done cartography work for HERO games and have maps in about a half dozen projects: everything from building layouts to whole worlds with nations and the like in between. I would also love to find some other game companies that would pay for my work, but I am not the best one for marketing myself.