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    Westmarch lies towards the center of the middle continent of Bloodmyr (, near the Winding River and just south of the West Rocks.

    Westmarch is a castle-style town ruled by Lord Krenshaw from his centric-estate property. Before Lord Krenshaw, there was no city walls or organized military; he organized the people to steepen and level the hill on which Westmarch rests, as well as building the surrounding city wall. As such, the town is well-organized and the current layout is relatively new and more efficiently drawn by the city planners.

    The city sports its own military district which is home to the Vanguard Cavalry of Westmarch, as well as individual, separate districts for most of the functions of the town. The historic city center lies in the south of town, in the center of the Penny Commons. Leveling of the ground and steepening of the hill went northwards, causing a rather deep valley to be formed to the northeast of town where the ground was the lowest.

    The town rapidly expanded, but it still has a decent amount of breathing room within the walls, allowing for expansions as time progresses within the defensible areas of the town.

    Anyhow, this is my second map, slightly larger than the first, with several lessons learned already incorporated. Enjoy.
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