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    Info Simple how to for quick maps

    As I'm more a very interested spectator more than a master of maps as many here are, I keep an eye out for ways those of us with weaker imaginations and artistic skills can still create usable maps.

    This tip comes from the latest issue Roleplaying Tips weekly (, issue #364:

    Quote Originally Posted by Roleplaying Tips Weekly
    3. Quick Map Creation Tip
    From: J.H. Swain
    ================================================== ==========
    One thing I like to do is take real world maps, upload them
    to a graphics program of choice, and trace them. It works
    fairly well, and it's not as if anyone's going to notice
    that, if you flipped the map of the city of St. Omhurst just
    this way, it looks exactly like Bremerton, WA and the
    surrounding area.

    I've just started doing this, so I'm not an expert, but it
    seems to be a pretty solid tactic.



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