So, in working on my Tsuchirou to Tatsu project, I've run into a bit of a snag. Unfortunately, town generators like "Medieval Demographics Made Easy" are of absolutely no assistance because of the difference in cultures. Some things could be easily switched out (swap a chandler for an oil-dealer, thus replacing candles with lamps). Likewise, beer and wine sellers can be switched out for shochu and sake dealers. Others don't work so great...

For example, the MDME generator puts a high emphasis on professions like "furriers" and "tanners", jobs which would be very rare in a Japanese-inspired society that considers dead animals to be unclean, and treats leatherworkers as 'untouchable' segregated people. In other cases, numbers seem very skewed for a Japanese environment... Jewelers are more plentiful than hay dealers? There are more pastry cooks than woodsellers and carpenters combined?

In smaller population sizes, the generator seems skewed in terms of what's necessary for life and what isn't. When I ask for a population of 500, they certainly have a barber but only an 18% chance of having an apothecary.

Does anyone else have any useful town generating tools that I could use? I know asking for something Japan-based (and certainly not for the timeframe) would be out of the question, but I'm curious if there are any town generators with a different take on how many businesses are available... Especially when it comes to prioritizing "needs" over "wants".