Hey there.

As yet, this is just a placeholder post to let you know that I have finally pulled myself back into the saddle and started work on a new map. Over the past week I've found myself more and more attracted back to this community and to the prospect of making a new map.
After much indecision about what exactly to map, I've finally settled on doing a regional map of Aronbor, a country situated in the nw of southern Vaniya. Or maybe Perdon, to the east. :S

Both countries play an intrinsic part in the story I am writing and so both would benefit from a map. So at the moment, undecided as I am, I've tentatively started work on both. I think soon enough I will naturally gravitate to one which I want to complete first and so this will be the one I post about in this thread.

They/it will be the same style as Vaniya finally ended up as to keep things nice and neat, so nothing new there.

So there it is, hopefully I will have something a little more advanced to post than it currently is in the next few days, time permitting.

It feels nice to be back in the saddle again.