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    Hello everyone. I've been lurking around the forums for a couple months now and trying my hand at making a few maps. I've been interested in making maps for years, but I've only recently begun attempting to use a computer to aid me in world creation. I started in GIMP, which worked fine for my purposes. I used RobA's "Using GIMP to Create an Artistic Regional Map" to get myself started. It's really a spectacular tutorial, and I got some decent results despite the fact I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

    After making a few maps that way, however, I was able to build myself a new computer and at that point I switched over to Photoshop CS4. I had a very, very basic level of experience with Photoshop, and I had been impressed with the program's capabilities in the past, so it has always been my first choice. I used Ascension's "My Atlas style in Photoshop" tutorials to re-imagine this same world, and I'll be using it as a jumping-off point to refine my own cartographic style as well as this region. This tutorial also provides spectacular results, and it was simple enough that I never once had to stop and redo any of the steps.

    Although I'm generally satisfied with this base map as it is, I'd like to make the mountains a bit crisper and more defined as well as throw in some decent looking forests and find a style of labeling that I like.

    Comments and criticisms are welcomed and much appreciated.
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