Hello from Vancouver, BC. I am Ophiucha, and I am a fantasy writer. I have absolutely no artistic, cartographic including, skills! That's why I stick to words. Nonetheless, everybody loves a good fantasy map and that is why I am here - and maybe if I can find a good computer program I can make better references than some terrible hand-drawns and MS Paint/Photoshop doodles - because that's what I have now.

That aside, I am a metalhead, anime fan, and undeclared student at UBC. Currently aiming for a degree in German or Japanese Studies, but I don't think I'll go through with it - so I may go for -deep breath- Linguistics, Creative Writing, Art History, Curatorial Studies, or maybe even something music-related! Who knows! I am also taking Gaelic, for no particularly good reason.

I might take a class in mapping in my later years (presuming I can ever fit it into my schedule - maybe over the summer or something), and some of my classes (like Linguistics and Creative Writing) are clearly only being taken to help me with writing. I have no aim in life and will probably go to school for six years only to end up working at McD's. Should be fun. Anyway, miscellaneous nonsense... I come from New York (moved out here for school), I like video games, I used to want to be a historian (dropped because I hate modern history, 'cept WWII) and a paleontologist (dropped because I realized that was a science major... no science for me, thanks), I like Astronomy (OBJECTION! THERE IS AN OBVIOUS CONTRADICTION... no, I'll stop), and... I don't know... I like pumpkin pie and baked ziti. :*