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    Post Transylvania WIP

    Ok, the wife got me a huge book on maps of Italy done by Joan Blaeu (1665). Amazing amazing stuff. And as I'm looking through, I realize that this style is familiar to me, so I went looking through my directory of maps that I keep around for inspiration, and hey, there it is! A map of Transylvania by Joan Blaeu. This is the map that I used as inspiration while I was working on the first map I ever posted here.

    I said way back when that I would eventually likely redo that map, and so I shall. But to do a PROPER job of it, I really want to nail down the style. So until I do, I'm practicing on the Transylvania map.

    i started off meaning to do something else entirely, borrowing from the style I used for the Oten-jo challenge map, so the border will look a lot more inked/watercolour than it should for this style, but that will change soon (I will be keeping this border for a different project, i really like the way it looks for what it is). The rivers are laid out, but will be completely redone, the lower right corner is for the cartouche, which is why the rivers there cut off suddenly

    I'm especially proud of the mountains right now, I'm doing them with a 3 pixel custom textured brush. At the moment I'm doing more tracing than drawing (the original map is underneath the drawing layers at about 10% opacity), but there's enough mountains on this map that by the time I finish, I expect to be rather good at drawing them out on their own for any other map i work on. When it comes down to it, the mountains and the trees are what I really need to work on, and are what really makes this style what it is.

    this is gonna take awhile
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