And another Lite Challenge! This month we are going to do a theme suggested by Avulsion: WILD.

The beauty of a themed challenge is that about anything goes. We are not looking for specific maps, just maps that fit in well with the "Wild" theme. Some suggestions made by Avulsion (I am not lazy. No really, these are great suggestions already!):

Region maps
Unexplored wildlands
Uninhabited or primitively settled island archipelago
Barbarian or Animal territories
Treasure map in uncharted/strange area
Newly settled alien planet

City maps
Wild West cowboy town
Space station overrun by wild aliens
Elven tree village
Desert oasis

Structure maps
Tribal tent
Lost shrine/ruins
Wilderness battlemap
Abandoned starship

Just remember that anything goes, as long as there's a strong link with the theme.

Please title your entry with the name of your map. Eg: Sep/Oct Lite Entry - The Wild Wild West

The contest will end on or about 25th October. We would like a large turnout, so join in on the fun.