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    Wip Gnomic Vault

    Its not finished, but almost done actually, something I was whipping up tonight. I saw Coyotemax's tea-stained parchment and downloaded the map folded one. I was going to experiment by creating a map using only that texture for all my objects, but then I added some tints to give it more variety.

    This is completely an experiment.

    What is a Gnomic Vault - long ago, I invented a race of gnomes who more nefarious than traditional gnomes. Their religion, culture, military, education and affiliation are deeply rooted in a racial thieves' guild. Their bible is called the Gnomicon, and their guild is called the Gnomic Syndicate. As a race, their ultimate goal is the complete feduciary domination of all sentient beings - they want to own everything, and trade them as commidities, including sentient races. They deal heavily in weapons and pleasure slave trade.

    Whenever a member travels abroad (and they are want to do this) if approved by the Syndicate to do so, are given an 18" x 24" x 3" iron box with 3 locks and protected by divine magic. Once unlocked and opened, the owner and any he invites (though that's a rare thing) can step into the box and are immediately teleported to an extra-dimensional Temple and Vault.

    Because Syndicate members are thieves, accountants, lawyers and business men, they are reviled by most other races eventually, as they are prone to cheat, larceny, forgery and all means possible to drain the local wealth, where ever they are. Licensed Syndicate members each possess such a box which serves as their temple which is also the vault where they place their acquired treasure and gold until they return to Gnomic capital and pay their required holy taxes.

    This is a map of one particular Gnomic Vault.

    Still need to add more "stuff", furniture in those other rooms, which will be: a library, an accounting office, a weapons locker, and a private room for rest and relaxation.

    Another day and it will be finished!

    Oh, yeah, and thanks, Coyotemax for the use of your cool new parchment!

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